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Community Media Fund


Across Africa, a large and growing community media sector provides a unique and significant service, making available news and information to and about local and provincial communities (often not reached or well covered by traditional media). Often, they are the only media providing coverage in local languages.

The Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (BMIA) and the Ford Foundation have partnered to establish a Community Media Fund (CMF) that provides critical philanthropic support to enhance citizens’ access to information that enables the public to support public policies and practices that promote inclusive economic and human development.

CMF has awarded 15 grants to organizations in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa that are intended to strengthen citizen journalism, enhance the financial literacy of citizens, improve public access to relevant data and build the capacity of community media to advocate for improved governance and accountability.


  • Launch of Community Media Fund First Round Call for Proposals
  • Selection of Community Media Fund First Round Grants
  • Community Media Fund First Round Grantee Learning Event in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Launch of Community Media Fund Second Round Call for Proposals
  • Selection of Community Media Fund Second Round Grantees
  • Selection of Covid-19 Community Media Fund Emergency Grants
  • Community Media Fund Second Round Grantees Learning Event (Virtual)

17 Number of Grants Awarded

12 Number of Grantees

3 Countries Represented

257 Journalist trained in Round 1

106 Journalist trained in Round 2

Eligible organizations must be Africa-focused and headquartered and meet the following criteria:

  • Civil society organization (CSO)/nongovernmental organization (NGO) supporting community media or media training institution; or
  • Community media outlet, including an outlet affiliated with educational institutions; or
  • Network of community media; or
  • CSO/NGO supporting initiatives that increase the visibility of emerging nontraditional reporters; or
  • CSO/NGO focusing on transparency, accountability and financial literacy at the community level.

Additionally, applicants must:

  • Be registered in good standing in accordance with their national and local laws.
  • Be directly responsible for the preparation, implementation and management of the proposed project.
  • Have a bank account and be willing to open a separate account for the grant and
  • Have certified financial audit reports.

BMIA has also provided CMF grantees with a series of webinars and resources to enhance their understanding and coverage of COVID-19, continue their professional development and capacity to complete their CMF projects successfully. The CMF is administered for Bloomberg and the Ford Foundation by the East Africa regional office of HIVOS, a global nonprofit development organization.

For details about eligibility and application requirements when they are finalized, please indicate your interest and provide complete contact information to


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