Fellowship Program

The Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) Media Fellowship Program selected 45 distinguished media professionals from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa to enhance the future of financial journalism in Africa. The program combines ALI’s leading approach to leadership development, created in partnership with the Aspen Institute, with the Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa’s financial journalism curriculum developed by six preeminent business and journalism schools in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

The two–year program is divided into four seminars, each lasting four days, held in different locations on the African continent and New York. Fellows also plan and execute a public interest project drawing upon their professional skills and experience. Upon completion of the program, Fellows become part of a community of Fellowship Alumni and will have the opportunity to engage formally and informally with their peers and other media professionals.

Michael R. Bloomberg (founder of Bloomberg LP) with ALI Media Fellows Class 1 & 2


The Africa Leadership Initiative (“ALI”) was conceived as a Pan-African initiative, borne out of a belief that Africa’s future lies in the investment and development of effective, values-based and enlightened African leaders. ALI was launched in 2001 as a collaborative effort of four partner organizations in Africa and the United States. ALI has programs in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda); West Africa (Ghana and Nigeria) and South Africa. All these programs have been delivered in partnership with the Aspen Institute in Colorado. ALI currently has 300 Fellows in Africa: 180 in South Africa; 60 in East Africa and 60 in West Africa.

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ALI Media Fellows Ekundayo Kayode, Akeem Mustapha, Joseph Adeye, Semeyi Zake, ALI Media Fellows Seminar, Kigali, Rwanda

ALI Media Fellows Terryanne Chebet, Yvonne Buliba, Wayua Muli, ALI Media Fellows Seminar, Capetown, South Africa

ALI Media Fellowship Seminar Moderators: Eric Soubeiga, Heather Sonn, Ferrial Hafajee, and ALI Founder, Isaac Shongwe, ALI Media Fellows Seminar, Capetown, South Africa

ALI Media Fellows KC Rottock Chesaina and Fatima Hassan, Class 2 Graduation, Capetown, South Africa