Africa Business Media Innovators (ABMI) 2017

Africa Business Media Innovators (ABMI) 2017 was a three-day gathering hosted by Matt Winkler, Co-Founder & Editor Emeritus, Bloomberg News, and Justin Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media. Focused on Africa, but with a global perspective, ABMI17 explored how best to maintain a flourishing media sector and how business and financial journalism could best contribute to sustainable development on the African continent. This highly interactive gathering featured moderated discussions, TED Talk style presentations, extended Q&A sessions, and interviews with media visionaries. The convening was designed for publishers, editors, journalists, entrepreneurs, and leaders from business and civil society who could share their experience and perspectives. Invitations were extended to a select group of global and African luminaries to uncover the emerging trends shaping the media and business reporting landscape. Participants learned and shared their knowledge about innovative best practices and action-oriented strategies to optimize future media success.

THEME: The Changing Face of Media and New Hybrid Models


  • The Changing Face of Media in Africa and Other Emerging Markets
  • Building African Media by Innovating with New Hybrid Models
  • Leveraging Changing Media to Enable Africans to Tell Africa‚Äôs Stories
  • African Media as a Driver of Inclusive Growth

President of Ghana and Matt Winkler



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Africa Business
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18-20 November
Livingstone, Zambia