Africa Business Media Innovators 2016

An influential group of 98 global media and industry leaders, data experts, technology investors, foundation executives, and new media entrepreneurs from across 11 countries throughout Africa, as well as Europe and the United States –gathered in Naivasha, Kenya, 13-15 November for the second annual Bloomberg Africa Business Media Innovators forum. Convened by Bloomberg and hosted by Justin Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media, and Matthew Winkler, Co-Founder of Bloomberg News and Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, this year’s invitation-only gathering focused on data as a key driver to improve transparency and increase investment and development in Africa.

Designed to promote free-flowing conversation between visionaries and practitioners from inside and outside the media sector, the forum featured onstage interviews, town halls, and multimedia presentations. In addition, open studio-style working sessions allowed participants to meet in smaller groups to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead for high-quality data collection, analysis, and dissemination on the continent, and the role of the media, government, civil society, business, and non-profit organizations in creating a more data-driven future.

Chinedu Echeruo
(Founder & CEO, Gigameet/Hopstop)

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Matt Winkler (Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Bloomberg News):
The Data Inside


Justin Smith (CEO, Bloomberg Media):
Data and the Future of Media


Mark Bohlund (Africa and Middle East Economist, Bloomberg Intelligence):
Lessons from the Data Fields

Bloomberg Africa Business Media Innovators 2016: The Power of Data
Naivasha, Kenya

DAY ONE:  13 November, 2016
Time Description
6:00 pm Welcoming remarks

Justin Smith, CEO, Bloomberg Media

Matt Winkler, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Bloomberg News

6.15 pm Networking reception and opening barbecue
DAY TWO:  14 November, 2016
Time Description
8:50 am Building blocks
The urgent case for improving access,
analysis and dissemination of high-quality data
on the continent

Justin Smith, CEO, Bloomberg Media

Matt Winkler Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Bloomberg News

  Part 1: Access
9.00 am How to understand Africa and the world

Ola Rosling, Co-Founder, The Gapminder Foundation

9:20 am The data inside
Accurate public data, including demographic
and economic data, is necessary to fuel
investment and social and economic progress
across the continent. In this talk-show-style
session, leaders from public, private, and civic
institutions discuss the landscape of available data
on the continent as well as the initiatives that are
under way for improving access to public, private
and financial data in Africa.

Dr. Donald Kaberuka, Former President, African Development Bank

Pali Lehohla, Statistician-General for Statistics, South Africa

Sangu Delle, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Golden Palm Investments

Moderator: Matt Winkler, Editor-inChief Emeritus, Bloomberg News

10.00 am Networking break
  Part 2: Analysis and application
10.30 am Quantum leaps
Innovators from the world’s most sophisticated
technology companies are applying machine
intelligence and big data analytics to make
sense of important financial, industry, social
and demographic data — and helping to
solve global challenges and drive economic
opportunity. In this session, technology leaders
explore how trends in big data, research, and
data science are fueling social innovation,
new business and growth across the continent.

Dr. Solomon Assefa, Director, IBM ResearchAfrica

Joshua Mwaniki, Director of Operations, Kenya, Andela

Rebecca Enonchong, Founder and CEO, AppsTech

Moderator: Justin Smith, CEO, Bloomberg Media

11.15 am Open studios
Open studios are participant-led workshops designed to harness the collective intelligence of the room, promote knowledge exchange, and develop solutions to difficult challenges. Facilitators invite participants to select topics they wish to explore based on a central theme, work in small table settings to encourage hands-on collaboration, and then present key findings to the open studio community. Illustrations and visualizations are encouraged.

Open Studio 1: The art and science of collecting data on the continent

Areas of exploration

  • Effective ways to collect and access data on the continent
  • Technologies, applications, and strategies for improving access
  • Leveraging untapped public and private data sources
  • How investors, civil society, and business leaders, and journalists are best accessing data
  • How governments are promoting data transparency and what initiatives are working towards greater access
12.15 pm Networking lunch
1.00 pm Spark points
Entrepreneurs at the forefront of data
innovation are capturing, analyzing and
applying data in exciting new ways —
and transforming governments, businesses
and societies in the process. In this session, a
series of start-up founders present their vision
for how to apply technology and data science
to build organizations, promote transparency,
empower commerce and economic activity
and promote development and social progress.

Chinedu Echeruo, Founder, HopStop and Gigameet

Shivani Siroya, CEO & Founder, Tala

Oluseun Onigbinde, Co-Founder, BudgIT

Catherine Gicheru, Country Lead, Code for Kenya

Bankole Oluwafemi, Founder and Editor-in-Chief,

1:50 pm Speakers panel
Presenters come together on stage for a
discussion about the challenges and opportunities
of leading data and technology organizations in
Africa and beyond — as well as presenting their
vision for the future of data in Africa.

Moderator: Scott Havens, Global Head of Digital, Bloomberg

2:15 pm Open studio 2: Analysis and applications of data

Areas of exploration

  • The role of data in building successful companies
  • How to train the next generation of data scientists
  • How consumers can better interact with data
  • The roles of governments, foundations, corporations, and private institutions in promoting data analysis and its applications
  • The role of data compacts in driving development
3:15 pm Networking break
  Part 3: Distribution
3:45 pm Lessons from the data fields

Mark Bohlund, Africa and Middle East Economist, Bloomberg Intelligence

4:00 pm The media equation

Despite financial restraints and limited access
to high-quality data, journalists and media
organizations are discovering new ways to use
and analyze data – to inform their readers, increase
information sharing, and guide the future of the
news. In this session, editors and media leaders
from innovative newsrooms explore the ways they
are using technology and distributing data to tell
powerful stories and reimagine journalism for
the twenty-first century.

Patrick Quarcoo, CEO, Radio Africa Group

Khadija Patel, Editor-in-Chief, Mail & Guardian

Tom Mshindi, Chief Operating Officer and Editor-in-Chief, Nation Media Group

Yinka Adegoke, Africa Editor, Quartz

Moderator: Toyosi Ogunseye, Editor, Sunday Punch

4.45 pm Closing remarks

Justin Smith, CEO, Bloomberg Media

5.00 pm Personal break
7.00 pm Gala dinner and evening entertainment
DAY THREE:  15 November, 2016
Time Description
  Part 4: Monetization
9:00 am Data and the future of media
A presentation from Justin Smith, CEO, Bloomberg Media
9:15 am Platforms for growth
As creators, platforms and new media
organizations compete for leadership in the
distribution and monetization of content.
What are the most effective organizational
models for capitalizing on new data, technology
and media trends? This session features industry
leaders who are adapting and transforming their
companies to stay competitive and innovative in
media, advertising, and financial journalism on
the continent and beyond.

Edward Boateng, Chairman, Global Media Alliance Group

Nunu Ntshingila, Head of Africa, Facebook

Shailesh Prakash, Chief Information Officer, The Washington Post

Moderator: Justin Smith, CEO, Bloomberg Media

10.00 am Networking break
10.30 am Open studio 3: Business models and investments to create thriving businesses

Areas of exploration:

  • The most exciting new media and data models around the world
  • Unconventional approaches to new media and how to make money in data
  • How investors are approaching new media and data opportunities in Africa
  • Voices from the advertising industry
  • Diversification in media and industry
  Part 5: Data and Development
11.30 am Frontiers of data and development

Over the past 30 years, the development
community has built the scaffolding that has
created data-driven engines of growth and
opportunity on the continent. As the exchange
between development, social entrepreneurship,
private investment and government becomes
more vibrant and more complex, how are the
world’s greatest foundations continuing to
innovate in the ongoing collection, analysis
and distribution of data? This session brings
together some of the most pioneering voices
from development economics to explore the
way forward for the next data revolution.

Rosemary Okello-Orlale, Program Officer, Office for Eastern Africa, Ford Foundation

Nathalie Delapalme, Executive Director, Research and Policy, Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Anne Githuku-Shongwe, Representative, South Africa Multi-Country Office, UN Women

Moderator: Zain Verjee, Co-Founder and CEO, aKoma Media

12.15 pm Open studio group dialogue
Facilitators describe the participant journeys of discovery and innovation

Ravi Chhatpar, Co-Founder and Partner, Design Impact Group

Aubrey Hruby, Fellow, Atlantic Council; Author, “The Next Africa”

Claude Grunitzky, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, True Africa

Moderator: Scott Havens, Global Head of Digital, Bloomberg Media

12.35 pm Visualizing the future

Ola Rosling, Co-Founder, The Gapminder Foundation

12.50 pm Special announcement from Bloomberg Media

Justin Smith, CEO, Bloomberg Media

Matt Winkler, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Bloomberg News

1.00 pm End of program and networking lunch

1_Yinka Adegoke 2_Solomon Assefa 3_Edward Boateng 4_Mark Bohlund
Yinka Adegoke
Africa Editor
Dr. Solomon Assefa
IBM Research-Africa
Edward Boateng
Global Media Alliance Group
Mark Bohlund
Africa and Middle East Economist
Bloomberg Intelligence
5_Ravi Chhatpar 7_Nathalie Delapalme 8_Sangu Delle 9_Chinedu Echeruo
Ravi Chhatpar
Co-Founder and Partner
Design Impact Group
Nathalie Delapalme
Executive Director, Research and Policy
Mo Ibrahim Foundation
Sangu Delle
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Golden Palm Investments
Chinedu Echeruo
HopStop and Gigameet
10_Rebecca Enonchong 11_Catherine Gicheru 12_Claude Grunitzky 12_Claude Grunitzky
Rebecca Enonchong
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Catherine Gicheru
Country Lead
Code for Kenya
Anne Githuku-Shongwe
Representative, South Africa Multi-Country Office
UN Women
Claude Grunitzky
Chairman and Editor-in-Chief
TRUE Africa
13_M. Scott Havens 14_Aubrey Hruby 15_Dr. Donald Kaberuka 16_Pali Lehohla
M. Scott Havens
Global Head of Digital
Bloomberg Media
Aubrey Hruby
Fellow, Brookings Author,
‘The Next Africa’
Dr. Donald Kaberuka
Former President,
African Development Bank
Pali Lehohla
Statistician-General for Statistics
South Africa
18_Tom Mshindi 19_Joshua Mwaniki 20_Nunu Ntshingila 21_Toyosi Ogunseye
Tom Mshindi
Chief Operating Officer and Editor-in-Chief
Nation Media Group
Joshua Mwaniki
Director of Operations, Kenya
Nunu Ntshingila
Head of Africa
Toyosi Ogunseye
Sunday Punch
22_Rosemary Okello-Orlale 23_Bankole Oluwafemi 24_Oluseun Onigbinde 25_Shailesh Prakash
Rosemary Okello-Orlale
Program Officer, Officer for Eastern Africa
Ford Foundation
Bankole Oluwafemi
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Oluseun Onigbinde
Khadija Patel
Mail & Guardian
25_Shailesh Prakash 26_Patrick Quarcoo 27_Ola Rosling 28_Shivani Siroya
Shailesh Prakash
Chief Information Officer
The Washington Post
Patrick Quarcoo
Radio Africa Group
Ola Rosling
President and Co-Founder
The Gapminder Foundation
Shivani Siroya
CEO and Founder
29_Justin Smith 30_Matt Winkler 30_ 31_
Justin Smith
Bloomberg Media
Matt Winkler
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Bloomberg News
Zain Verjee,
Co-Founder and CEO
aKoma Media


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