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The role of media and journalism is not confined to news organizations, broadcasting companies or governments — within Africa, a large and growing community media sector is linked to enterprises, civil society, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that focus on issues of transparency, accountability and governance.

The Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (BMIA) and the Ford Foundation have partnered to establish a Community Media Fund (CMF) to enhance citizens’ access to relevant information that enables the public to support policies and practices that drive inclusive economic and human development locally, regionally and nationally. The CMF will make disbursements to grantees in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Participants (Journalists) in Nakuru training on Financial literacy pose for a group photo

First Round Grantees Selected to Receive Support to Strengthen Citizen Journalism

The following organizations have been selected to receive first round funding from the Community Media Fund:

The Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK)
AMWIK will work to strengthen journalists’ capacity to investigate, process, and present stories on financial literacy, accountability, transparency and access to justice, and to educate citizen and community journalists.

Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET)
KCOMNET will enhance the collaboration and engagement of community radio in Kenya with other community media in the country to generate and disseminate content on transparency and accountability in their host communities and nationally.

Mtaani Community Based Organization
Through a project dubbed Radio Mashinani, Mtaani will use its two radio community stations to improve transparency, accountability, financial literacy and access to data in Kenya’s Kajiado and Nairobi Counties.

Media Mechanics
Through its two monthly community newspapers County Review and Nyanza Today, Media Mechanics will work to carry diverse views and more localized content relevant to community readers, and will develop financial journalism content to disseminate to host communities.

The Institute for Media and Society (Nigeria Community Radio Coalition)
Through its leadership of the Nigeria Community Radio Coalition (NCRC), the Institute’s project will work to build the capacity of grassroots community radio stations in order to strengthen citizens’ engagement with transparency and accountability in local governance.

The Conversation Africa
The Conversation’s project will generate financial, economic and business related content, identify and established new relationships with communities, and introduce new forms of digital media.

The Graça Machel Trust’s Women in Media Network (WIMN)
WIMN will use their grant to source and distribute content related to business and economics and its impact on women and children.

The Sonke Gender Justice
Sonke Gender Justice’s project will use community radio stations to raise public awareness on social and gender justice issues, particularly women’s rights and access to justice.

Wits Radio Academy
The Academy will work to build the capacity of community radio stations to produce and disseminate informative, objective content in order to increase the quality of independent broadcasting.

Radio KC
Through its leading community radio station reaching more than 72 000 listeners on a weekly basis, Radio KC’s project will provide dynamic radio programs focusing on basic financial literacy.

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“For decades, the Ford Foundation has supported innovative media projects and the Community Media Fund is one of such projects. No media system represents the voice of the people like community media outlets and it is our hope that this support will help strengthen the community and campus media ecosystem and make them a true voice of the voiceless in the society.”

Paul Nwulu, Program Officer, Ford Foundation Office for West Africa

“The Community Media Fund will help citizens take control of their lives and influence their local community development, particularly in the context of ensuring public funds are utilized transparently and legitimately.”

Mendi Njonjo, Regional Director of Hivos East Africa

“The project, informed by the expressed needs of Nigerian grassroots communities, is citizen-centered. It positions community media to contribute to enhancing the capacity of citizens by providing them access to information, equipping them with an improved understanding of business and financial principles, and empowering them to participate in policies and practices that result in the development of their communities.”

Dr. Akin Akingbulu, Executive Director of the Institute for Media and Society

“As a key player in community media, I am confident that CMF initiatives will not only lead to enhancement of collaboration and engagements of community media in Kenya but will also give host communities access to national content that will facilitate citizens to participate effectively in the socio- economic and political transformation of this country.”

Mr. Njuki Githethwa, Kenya Community Media Network Coordinator


For more details on eligibility and application requirements for the CMF’s call for concept notes, please click here.